"Man's moral mercury"

The dearest desire of the Christian Scientist is to love so deeply and universally as to be ready at all times to comfort and console, to heal sickness, or so-called hopeless disease, and to lift the burden of sin. In order to face courageously humanity's fears and tribulations, however, the student realizes that he must be equipped with those qualities which reflect the might, power, and love of God. He knows that purity, unselfishness, and goodness unfailingly reflect Mind, whose instant presence and glory promote courage and understanding, and dispel fear and weakness. Amid the surging waters of trouble and distress the pure in heart stand undismayed, for purity of thought cannot register fear or dismay. Rather does the consciousness imbued with this quality mirror forth Mind's boundless gifts of intrepidity and strength; it expresses right ideas, which, by their unopposable presence, power, and reality, conquer material, negative sense testimony and overcome sin, sickness, and death.

On page 449 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy writes, "Man's moral mercury, rising or falling, registers his healing ability and fitness to teach." The moral status of an individual, then, determines his success or failure in the work of spiritual healing. He who allows sin of any kind to darken his mental realm may find, when called upon for aid, that his sense of spiritual poise, firmness, and courage is lacking; for the carnal mind, the enemy of good, cannot heal the sick or cast out fear. Such a regrettable mental state must inevitably open the door to self-condemnation, discouragement, and sometimes despair. But experience may teach valuable lessons; and Love gently rebukes the stumbling and sincerely repentant one, and points to the unsullied, undefeated presence of real selfhood—God's idea.

December 15, 1934

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