At every turn one is confronted with the question of volition, and Christian Science has done humanity an inestimable service in explaining the nature and source of true volition. Spirit, God, being the only creator, imparts to man the only will-power he can possess or that can possess him. "Spirituality," Mrs. Eddy says (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 156), "is the basis of all true thought and volition." Christian Science explains how both thought and volition may be brought under the control of divine Principle—that is, assuming that this is the individual's desire and intent.

Even human parents, through their longer experience and better acquaintance with self-discipline, can usually break for their children the chains of disobedience, due to self-will. Then shall not the infinite wisdom and mercy of God, divine Principle, when sought in love and humility, break the same fetters for the adult? To some, it may seem a task to become childlike, teachable. Pride and a mistaken sense of independence may argue that such a task is beneath one, and this self-deception may for a time cause one to yield to the tyranny of self-will. But the love of good, which Christian Science awakens and nourishes, destroys this most disguised enemy of mankind.

June 17, 1933

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