My heart knows no bounds for the joy that Christian Science...

My heart knows no bounds for the joy that Christian Science has brought into my life. At the time it was presented to me I was sick and unhappy. I had suffered all my life from sick headaches, and at the time I began the study of Christian Science I was confined to my bed four or five days a month with this difficulty. I shall never forget the joy and confidence that came into my heart for an instantaneous healing of one of these headaches the first time I called upon a practitioner for help. It was an absent treatment, and I had never seen the practitioner. This initial healing was not a complete destruction of the ailment, but it inspired such confidence and assurance that Christian Science could do for me what medicine and doctors had failed to do that I then began in earnest the search for an understanding of that which had performed this miracle. As a result of my study and individual work I was later permanently healed of the headaches and of many other discords, both physical and temperamental, and life for me began anew.

One healing in particular which I feel may be of interest to others was that of hernia. I had suffered with this distressing difficulty since infancy, and had submitted to two operations only to find myself in a worse condition at the end of a year afterwards. I had five treatments in Christian Science and have never had any return of the trouble. That was over twenty years ago. Acute indigestion, nervous breakdown, constipation, severe colds, boils, a sprained ankle, and a crushed finger have also been healed.

The Advent of Love
June 17, 1933

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