Healing of Resentment

Oftentimes an honest analysis of our mental reactions shows resentment to be at the root of a long-drawn-out difficulty. This unhappy phase of human thinking is subtle, and may occupy a portion of our mental home without being recognized by its own name. There might even be a time when we would resent being brought face to face with the unwelcome news that we were resentful! So, in order to bring about a healing, we must first acquaint ourselves with what resentment claims to be.

A dictionary gives a very helpful definition of "resentment" as "anger at real or fancied injury; persistent displeasure." Earnestly searching for help, one student was taken somewhat by surprise by this concise statement. The first part was accepted readily enough, for there can be no real injury in God's perfect universe. The awakening, however, was brought about by the second part of the definition: "persistent displeasure." Honesty compels us to admit that a common and much uglier name for persistent displeasure would be a bad disposition. Is it not true that one may coddle a subtle and continual irritation or fretting at circumstances or persons?

Temptation Overcome
March 14, 1931

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