Present Requirements

Christ Jesus referred to his message to humanity as the "gospel of the kingdom." He spoke of it as the good news of the kingdom of heaven or kingdom of God. Although he put much of what he said on this subject into parables, he put part of it into plain words. Thus he said that this kingdom is "at hand" (that is to say, it is present and within reach); he said that it is "within you" (which is to say, it is a condition of consciousness); and he said that it comes upon you as devils, or evils, are cast out. Evidently, therefore, the kingdom which he taught is the consciousness of divine good. It is man's God-given dominion over evil. It is the reign of Truth, Life, and Love in man.

Since the word "gospel" means "glad tidings" or "good news," Christianity is what the great Teacher proclaimed as good news nineteen hundred years ago. Different reasons can be given as to why his followers in the next few centuries did not more completely fulfill his prophecies. For one reason, the conditions of human life were not favorable for the achievement and demonstration of spirituality. Perhaps a more important reason is that the Christian gospel lost its freshness for the early Christians, or they lost their enthusiasm for it. Fifty-five years ago, Mary Baker Eddy gave to the same gospel a fresh impetus, a new meaning, with the immeasurable advantage of Science. A corresponding responsibility has devolved upon Christian Scientists, in accordance with the Master's precept, "Unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required." Present conditions are favorable. They virtually urge us to go forward to achievement and fulfillment. In the present situation, therefore, it is highly important that the Christian Science gospel should not lose its freshness for Christian Scientists, and that we should not lose our enthusiasm for it.

Overcoming Worldliness
April 19, 1930

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