Spiritual Healing

Christian Science teaches the method of spiritual healing, the method Christ Jesus used over nineteen centuries ago, during his brief but wonderful three years' ministry while on earth. When people are told that Christian Science has reestablished Christian healing they are sometimes skeptical. Did not the power to heal spiritually belong only to Jesus and his early followers? they ask. And was not that power a special gift of God, first, to Jesus, and secondly, to his disciples? It may be answered that history bears witness to the fact that the healing of disease was practiced by the early Christian church for about three centuries at the beginning of the Christian era, and that this is evidence that the power to heal was not limited to the Master, the apostles, and the Christians.

The plain fact is that the Christian church lost in great measure its spirituality, and with the loss its power to heal. That is not to say that in the intervening centuries there did not live many pious men and women, and that these godly people did not benefit their day and generation by combating and thwarting in some measure many of the claims of evil, in certain instances even healing sickness. But the healing of the sick for many centuries was left almost entirely to those who exclusively employed material remedies. Prayer might be used; but usually it was supplementary to some material method, and was not regarded by the generality of Christians even as adequate in itself, notwithstanding that Jesus had resort to prayer alone in his work.

June 16, 1928

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