What Determines Health?

THERE are few questions of greater importance to mankind than that of health, so much being dependent upon it. And because of its importance, perhaps more thought is bestowed on preserving it and regaining it than upon any other human interest. Not only do vast numbers of earnest people study it in order that they may help others to recover it, but also that it may be preserved to those who may be in the enjoyment of a measure of it.

Now health has too largely been considered from the material standpoint. Men have regarded themselves as living in a material body, and have believed that that body is subject to all sorts of material conditions and laws entirely, or almost entirely, beyond their control; and, so believing, they have allowed themselves to agree to the fallacy that health is largely, if not altogether, dependent upon material conditions. It is only comparatively recently that some of those engaged in ministering to the sick have come to recognize that something other than matter, so called, is an important factor in the question of health, namely, the mentality of people, the quality of their thought.

"They saw God"
December 17, 1927

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