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About two years ago I heard Christian Science spoken of...

About two years ago I heard Christian Science spoken of for the first time. My husband and I had undertaken a little trip and stopped to see a friend. As soon as we arrived I was attacked with acute rheumatism to such a degree that it was impossible for me to place one foot before the other. Our friend spoke to me of Christian Science and its blessings, and I was able to continue the little trip. Since then I have been healed of other attacks of rheumatism, and, thanks to the kind help of a practitioner, was able to avoid unpleasant complications after a tooth had been badly extracted.

Last January I felt the return of an arthritic attack in the foot—an affliction, dating from my earliest childhood, with which I had suffered at intervals all my life. At twentyone I had a serious operation which was to prevent all return of the difficulty. But it did nothing; for the trouble returned. I had also been three months at one time in a plaster cast, so that I was in a very bad condition when last January I was again seized with this trouble. I resolved, knowing of Christian Science, to treat myself, but could not obtain any results, having greater fear than I ever had had in my life. My foot looked bad. Then my husband went to ask help from a practitioner, who treated me absently, and corresponded with me.

Testimony of Healing
When I first asked about Christian Science I was suffering...
December 17, 1927

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