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PEOPLE usually turn to Christian Science for one of two reasons: either they want to be rid of some physical discomfort, or they are looking for a satisfying religion, failing to see that the two may be united. The carnal mind is such a "house divided against itself" that it is incapable of appreciating unity. In other words, it sees nothing except its own divided sense of things. Now the individual who is looking for a religion to fill the emptiness of his heart is coming very near to the fulfillment of the sixth beatitude in the Sermon on the Mount: "Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." And the one who seeks physical healing, though perhaps not so conscious of mental poverty, is nevertheless groping for the truth to the extent that he is able to envisage it at the time. And so our ever present, ever loving Father-Mother reaches down to His children in every age through His messengers, and draws them ever nearer to the heart of ageless, timeless Truth.

Christ Jesus was God's perfect messenger, the very embodiment to humanity of divine sonship in visible form. In the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy (p. 350), he is referred to as "that life-link forming the connection through which the real reaches the unreal, Soul rebukes sense, and Truth destroys error." Jesus was so entirely unerring in his realization of God's fatherhood that he expressed the

Christ so fully as to become the way by which all may understand and demonstrate their own individual sonship with God; and he brought the Christ to humanity's attention by his healing work. One instance of this work, which all of us will do well to ponder, is the healing of blind Bartimaeus. How was it that he was healed so readily? And how may we receive as complete healing as he did? To begin with, Bartimaeus admitted that he needed healing. We may not all be physically blind, but mortals are in their seeming nature unseeing. Again, in Science and Health (p. 374), we read, "This mortal blindness and its sharp consequences show our need of divine metaphysics." Can we doubt this statement, when we see sick and sinning humanity struggling along, not even knowing of what it needs to be healed?

Helping to Make the Real Man Visible
December 17, 1927

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