Utilization of Truth

Each one who comes to Christian Science is reaching out, searching, longing, for something better than what he already is cognizant of. It may be better health that he is seeking; it may be better moral or business conditions, or better religious teaching, because his former religious beliefs have failed to answer his eager questioning as to the wherefore or the why of his unsatisfied longing.

If one comes to Christian Science to be freed from inharmonious physical conditions, how is this freedom to be accomplished? The healing of mere bodily conditions might accomplish little more than a drug, if it were not accompanied by a better understanding of man's relationship to God. And what is man's relationship to God? Is one merely to understand that man is the image and likeness of God, good, and leave it there? Or is one to endeavor to this truth by putting into use or action what he has thus learned? And how may he utilize this knowledge and make it practical?

Love's Allness
September 11, 1926

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