"The bugle-call"

The daily life of the individual as he goes about his portion of a great world's tasks may many times seem prosaic and depressing; and this depression sometimes brings forth the questions: What is the use of it? and, Where are we gaining anything that is worth while? The world appears so full of humdrum affairs, misunderstandings, selfishness, greed, avarice, that the one unsupported by a demonstrable knowledge of God is apt to feel that little is being accomplished. Yet the ceaseless activity of a busy world keeps men at their work; and many are the noble, unselfed efforts towards right that shine out amidst the murkiness of materiality like the rainbow after a heavy storm.

The good in the heart of every one sweetens the steady task of daily living. This good or Godlike sense needs to be brought out more fully, so that it becomes a conscious part of existence, a thing greatly to be desired. When one awakens to his need of a right understanding of God, he will so clearly reach out for a better sense of good that he will find his own birthright, his own dominion as the child of God. He will become conscious of a reason for his existence, and he will go forth to right accomplishment both for himself and for his fellows.

The Sculptor and His Model
August 7, 1926

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