True Service

Christian scientists perhaps realize more fully than others the meaning of the words "true service." The words are commonly used by people in every walk of life; and everywhere people are striving to understand the meaning of "to be true" and what constitutes "service." A dictionary defines "true" in part as "faithful or loyal; genuine; rightful; correct," and "service" as "duty required or performed in any office." Christian Scientists are minutemen in the service of their heavenly Father. In genuine love and loyalty they seek to be worthy of the title—faithful, loyal, genuine Christian Scientists.

Christ Jesus labored not for a few chosen disciples, but for the benefit of all mankind. So did our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. She patiently waited and worked to present to a tired and toiling world the truth about God and man, and sought to give mankind that which physically regenerates, happifies, and binds together in love the human family.

"Mercy unto thousands"
February 27, 1926

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