The one reliable standard for measurement of the rightness...


The one reliable standard for measurement of the rightness or wrongness of mental methods is to compare them with the teachings of Christ Jesus. If they are in harmony with his requirements they are desirable; otherwise, they should be avoided. Hypnotic suggestion is frequently used for sinister purposes. It is the control of one human mind over another. It is a product of what Paul called "the carnal mind." Therefore it is "enmity against God."

Christ Jesus did not use suggestion. He said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." In the Science of Christianity, the knowledge of the truth about God and man enabled Christ Jesus to apply the law of Truth to heal sickness, sin, and death, just as in the science of mathematics knowledge of the truth concerning numbers enables a student to apply the law of truth to correct mistakes. Jesus said that the same works which he did should be done by his followers, and it is natural to infer that he expected his followers to use his method. Christian Science uses the method of Christ Jesus. With Biblical authority, the Christian Scientist perceives that God is Truth and Love, and that man is the image and likeness of God. Through right reasoning he concludes that man reflects and expresses perfection and is governed by the law of Truth and Love. Such a perception of the truth was an essential part of the prayer which Jesus used, and it is fundamental in the healing prayer of Christian Scientists. It is not suggestion, but the understanding of God, that is the power behind Christian Science.

September 26, 1925

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