A recent contributor to your paper states, "I find it difficult...


A recent contributor to your paper states, "I find it difficult to appreciate the point of view of the Christian Scientist." He also refers to the Christian Scientist's belief in "the working of a divine power;" and then asks, "Why will he not admit the possibility of that power working through the brains of the great surgeons and physicians who have made possible the miracles that are performed daily in every hospital in the land?" Every Christian Scientist appreciates the self-sacrificing labors of reputable surgeons and physicians on behalf of suffering humanity. Most Christian Scientists have been treated by surgeons or physicians, or by both, before becoming interested in Christian Science. They have forsaken methods of this kind simply because they have found a better way, the Christ-method of dealing with the problems which have confronted them, whether in connection with sin, sickness, business, or finance, and have come to the conclusion that not only is the Christ-method the best way, but the only way of effectively dealing with every inharmonious condition.

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