"The Scientist's demonstration rests on one Principle"

Mrs. Eddy, while she made free use of the Biblical terms for God, named Him divine Principle. In doing so she did not in the least detract from the divine nature. God to her was Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Soul, Spirit, the origin, source, or cause of all that really exists. In short, God to the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science was the divine Principle of the universe, embodying in Himself every real spiritual quality.

The Christian Scientist makes free use of the various synonyms for God used by Mrs. Eddy, because he finds that each of them serves to convey to him some phase of the truth of Being. Thus, when he thinks of God as Spirit,—infinite Spirit,—he is better able to see the entirely spiritual nature of Deity, and so to deny the false claims of that which mortals call matter. Similarly, when he thinks of God as Mind,—infinite Mind,—he is better able to apprehend God as infinite intelligence, and so to deny the fallacy that divine intelligence is absent anywhere.

Gratitude to God
June 6, 1925

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