Impregnable Defenses

Promotion of the student in school imposes two dominant requirements,—further study of the necessary textbooks and the subsequent application of their rules. If these requirements be faithfully fulfilled, success in further tests or examinations is insured. Possible attacks from envy, hatred, or revenge are not to be feared in connection with promotion, since the progress of the student is dependent upon his own industry, zeal, and fidelity to his work. If he is industrious, he will not heed any subtle appeal to neglect the study necessary to attain and hold his new position. If he is zealous, he will lay aside any qualities in himself which might detract from his ability to understand and apply the advanced lessons. If he is faithful to his work, he will refuse to yield to selfsatisfaction, self-righteousness, self-justification, three of the enemies which would block his way. Secure in his knowledge of the powerlessness of envy, hatred, or revenge to hinder him from performing his tasks, the student will seek to prevent any expression of these by continuing his loving relations with his comrades, and proving to them that pride has not entered his consciousness to separate him from them.

Not only in school, but throughout human experience, each advancing position requires more study and the passing of new tests to prove fitness for promotion. And the humility, sincerity, and consecration with which we go about our work build a strong bulwark, against which the darts of human hatred, human ambition, and human jealousy fall into the dust of nothingness. The writings of our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, abound in reassuring statements of the protection which the Father-Mother God gives to His children who are endeavoring honestly to do His work.

June 6, 1925

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