Demonstrable Christianity

FROM the earliest history of the human race, mankind has been reaching out for the truth which frees from every belief that so-called mortal mind suggests. All through the Old Testament we have the proof of the power of God to heal, to protect, and to supply human needs, as shown in the lives of those who have understood Him best.

Jesus came demonstrating to the fullest extent the truth about God and man's relation to Him. Only a few in our Master's time caught the real import of his teachings; and this brought healing to the sick, purification to the sinning, and comfort to the weary ones weighted down with the cares of the world. But materialism appeared to creep into the pure spiritual teachings of Christ Jesus, and men began to disagree over ritual, dogma, and ceremonial, which were merely human opinions and speculations or the outcome of these. They became as the mist that would hide the truth which Jesus, as our Way-shower, spent his earthly life in teaching and proving. The vital part of Christianity seemed, for a time, to be obscured. It remained for our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, through her faithful, consistent, patient, and consecrated devotion to the Christ, Truth, to reveal again to humanity that which does bring peace, joy, and dominion over all that is unlike God, good.

March 21, 1925

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