A medical writer in a recent article published in the...


A medical writer in a recent article published in the Herald explained the success of other forms of healing in a way which calls for correction by a Christian Scientist. The writer's articles leave no room for doubt that he includes Christian Science among the other methods of healing to which he refers. The success of Christian Science practice results from the fact that Christian Science imparts an understanding of divine law, an understanding of the law of Love that "never faileth." It is the utilization of this divine law that brings harmony to the patient, and not—as this writer says—the imparting of "a feeling of optimism to the patient." It is true, however, that the divine law employed in Christian Science does enable one to see more clearly the all-power and ever-presence of good. The work of the Christian Science practitioner is on a totally different basis from that implied by this physician, who attributes the success of this work to "the art of salesmanship" and "a good working knowledge of human nature." Christian Scientists are striving for a better understanding of the divine nature, the nature of God and the real man, and the application of this understanding to human needs. This growing understanding results in compassion and true sympathy for the patient. This compassion was best exemplified by Christ Jesus, whom Christian Scientists regard as the perfect Exemplar, and of whom we read, in the twelfth chapter of Mark, that "the common people heard him gladly."

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