A recent issue of your paper gives an interview with an...


A recent issue of your paper gives an interview with an Episcopalian clergyman on the subject of spiritual healing, in which the teaching of Christian Science regarding a personal God is inadequately stated. I do not understand the clergyman to have had any unkind thought towards Christian Science; but, for the sake of accuracy, I am submitting the following explanation. On page 116 of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mary Baker Eddy has stated: "As the words person and personal are commonly and ignorantly employed, they often lead, when applied to Deity, to confused and erroneous conceptions of divinity and its disctinction from humanity. If the term personality, as applied to God, means infinite personality, then God is infinite Person,—in the sense of infinite personality, but not in the lower sense."

This definition of a personal God, as understood in Christian Science, is consistently adhered to by Mrs. Eddy throughout her writings. On page 3 of her Message to The Mother Church for 1901, addressed to her church, on "God is the Infinite Person," she has given an extended explanation of the manner in which God is to be thought of as infinite, incorporeal Spirit, or Person. Mortals are so accustomed to think in terms of material form that they do not readily respond to the spiritual requirement of thinking in terms of quality or nature. As long as they insist that they must see a finite form with the eyes in order to apprehend God, they thereby shut out the understanding of God as infinite Being or Person. When, through correct understanding of Christian Science, they bring spiritual sense to bear, thus rising above the restricitons of finite physical sense, they can understand how God, as Spirit or infinite Person, can be everywhere. To the Christian Scientist God is not an indefinite, absent power, but an ever present, definite Mind or intelligence,—the one infinite Being. Christian Science holds that a mental state which does not identify God as being everywhere is not a true state of consciousness.

January 31, 1925

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