Some years ago, while I was a young girl at school,...

Some years ago, while I was a young girl at school, Christian Science came to our home, and I saw my mother and other members of the family healed of all sorts of diseases and ailments, some chronic, others of shorter duration; also a heavy sense of financial lack was beautifully overcome. I accepted all these splendid benefits and was, no doubt, grateful in an indifferent sort of way, always expecting and knowing some one would look after my needs. But the time came when to reap the benefits I must make the effort myself; so I began studying the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. Then and then only did I gain the understanding which gave me the peace and joy and freedom which, as a child of God, has always been my heritage.

Early last January my little daughter, less than three years old, became suddenly ill. She developed fever, and in a short time seemed to manifest a severe case of pneumonia. A Christian Science practitioner was called, and in what seemed an incredibly short time the child was better; in a few days she was completely relieved, and there were no bad after effects. Shortly afterward my husband and I were both healed of influenza; but the really great healing was deliverance from fear. I have come to realize, as Mrs. Eddy says on page 380 of Science and Health, that "nothing but the power of Truth can prevent the fear of error, and prove man's dominion over error." This truth I know to be Christian Science.

I am deeply grateful for Christian Science, for the help it brings daily, hourly; also I am very grateful to the practitioner who so lovingly helped me and mine.

Testimony of Healing
I did not come to Christian Science for physical healing,...
January 27, 1923

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