Although I have often given my testimony and expressed...

Although I have often given my testimony and expressed my gratitude for the many benefits I have received from the study of Christian Science, I feel I must no longer delay putting it in writing. It is now over fourteen years since I first heard of Christian Science. At that time I had been hunting for years for a practical religion, and had almost given up hope of finding what I was seeking. I had studied the teachings of different churches, and had read any books I could get hold of on the subject of religion; and though sometimes I did get a little help, I was never satisfied until at last the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, was lent me by a school friend. As soon as I began the study of the textbook I knew it was what I had been hunting for, and the religious unrest of many years left me; and I know that my need now is to study and try to live up to the teachings of Christian Science.

I had not thought of physical healing for myself, although at that time I was greatly in need of it; but the healing came with the study of the textbook and our Leader's other writings. I had been very healthy; but about a year before I heard of Christian Science, I was quite worn out through cycling and playing too much tennis; and as there was a good deal of sickness in my home, the strain and worry also affected my health. The only thing the doctor could do for me was to tell me to take life very quietly and to play very little tennis, not to stoop and pick up the balls, and so on; and as I was naturally very active, not only being very fond of sports, but also having had for a long time an honest desire to work for the betterment of mankind, a future of inactivity was a very hopeless outlook. If I kept quiet I was all right, but the least fatigue upset me; and as it manifested itself in acute inflammation on my face and hands, I was being rapidly forced to lead a semi-invalid life.

Testimony of Healing
My first personal experience with Christian Science...
January 27, 1923

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