I did not come to Christian Science for physical healing,...

I did not come to Christian Science for physical healing, but accepted it after proving it was true. My cousin, who was the wife of a physician, had been pronounced incurable and had come to her father's home, as she supposed, to die. Some of her friends came to her and asked her to try Christian Science, which she did; and she was healed.

In the fall of 1912 new neighbors, who were Scientists, moved in next door, and I commenced asking questions: "What is Christian Science?" "How does it differ from other religions?" "How does it heal?" At that time I was an active member of another church; but I could see that if the claims of Christian Science were true, what it offered was bigger and better than my church offered. To satisfy myself of its teachings I began reading the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy; I read it carefully, and also commenced reading the Lesson-Sermons. At the end of a year's study I knew it was what I wanted. I then resigned my office, and withdrew from my church. When commencing the reading of Science and Health I had no thought of healing. All I was interested in was to find out if it were true. I accepted it, because it revealed God as omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Truth itself, and man as the spiritual image, likeness, or witness of Truth.

Four years before this I had fallen from a cherry tree; and my spine was pronounced badly injured. I had done no heavy work in this time, and had taken osteopathic treatments for more than a year. After reading Christian Science a while, I left off these treatments; and one day I woke up to the fact that I was strong and well, and could do all the physical work I cared to do without fatigue. After reading for something more than a year I broke my glasses, which I had worn for more than twelve years for astigmatism. The oculist had said I should always have to wear glasses. I was a little fearful when I broke them that I should not be able to do without them, and asked help from a Christian Science practitioner. It is eight years since I took them off; and my eyes have never given me any trouble, although I have done close work with them every day for months at a time.

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