The ever increasing interest in Christian Science is due...

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The ever increasing interest in Christian Science is due mainly to the fact that it explains the Bible in a simple and a practical way. The mission of Christ Jesus, his life and his works, lose all sense of mysticism. Christian Science makes it possible for every one to follow in his footsteps, shows how they may take his yoke upon them, mentally equips them, and thus fits them to preach the gospel and to heal the sick. Christian Science teaches a present salvation from sin, disease, and death; it refutes every theory that in any way justifies the postponement of salvation, holiness, health, and the full measure of life. To the sinner it reveals the fact that he can know God aright and understand man's relationship to Him, and thus free himself from the claims of sin, and experience a larger measure of the liberty of the sons of God. To the sick it explains that God is not the author of sickness; that He neither sends it nor permits it (a fact now, happily, much more generally admitted than it used to be), and that sickness is due to false education as to the nature of man, who, as the Bible tells us, is made in the image and likeness of God, Spirit, and is therefore really a perfect spiritual idea. To those believed to be dying it gives the comforting message that God is the one infinite Life, in whom "we live, and move, and have our being;" that this infinite Life is the Life of everything that truly exists; that the actual Life of man is not dependent upon bodily functions and organs, but is God Himself. Life being infinite, it is everywhere, and what is everywhere cannot be lost. The fear being destroyed that life can be lost, health and harmony naturally follow.

Did your correspondent but know what wonderful changes have been wrought in the lives of those who have been "all their lifetime subject to bondage;" how members of families separated through sin and vicious habits have been happily united; how false appetites have been overcome; how cases of every known disease have been healed by this Christian system, which is the utilization of the love of God through the prayer of faith and spiritual understanding,—he would rejoice with the large body of men, women, and children who are already doing so, because once again the love and the power and the presence of God are understood, and would recognize the signs which Christ Jesus said "shall follow them that believe."

January 6, 1923

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