I should like the world to know what Christian Science...

I should like the world to know what Christian Science has done for me. I turned to it a little more than ten years ago, early in March, 1912. I was then in my sixty-eighth year, and had never considered Christian Science worthy of a thought, consequently had never given it one, till the day prior to consulting a practitioner. I had, however, gone the limit of all material means,—allopathic, homeopathic, osteopathic, and electric treatment in all their forms. I had also tried hot and cold baths, massage, and vapor baths, all of which were of no avail. The day I consulted a Christian Science practitioner I discarded all material remedies, and was immediately freed from bondage to materia medica, as well as from many physical ailments that had existed from early childhood.

I had a rupture that baffled the best medical and surgical skill available for sixty-three years and had been a daily handicap; consequently, I was not expecting Christian Science to heal it, but it did so, absolutely. I had for thirty-five years also been doctored for what many specialists diagnosed as nervous dyspepsia. I not only tried many kinds of drugs, but many times was put on a strict diet,—all to no avail. From the first day of taking Christian Science treatment I have been eating three meals a day, whatever I want and all I want with perfect comfort. I was also subject to violent colds from early childhood. At all seasons of the year I would lose several days from my business many times a year; but I have not lost a day with a cold since I took my first Christian Science treatment. I had rheumatism for many years, but have had only one attack since turning to Science. I was able to overcome that in a few hours by knowing the truth about God and man.

In fact, the past ten years of my nearly seventy-eight years have been the only ones when I have experienced real life. I had been a smoker for fifty years prior to turning to Christian Science, and to my surprise tobacco soon became repulsive to me, and the question seemed to me, How did I ever form such a filthy habit? I have been able to make many beautiful demonstrations that are proof positive of divine Love's ever-presence and help. I cannot adequately express in words my gratitude for my many blessings, but it is my fondest hope to be able to do so, day by day, in deeds.

January 6, 1923

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