Christian Science teaches that one's business is to reflect God, to manifest and express divine Principle. As one succeeds in casting out of his thought all that impedes that reflection, he mirrors forth divine Mind, and succeeds in his business. This is true in every department of human endeavor, whether or not it is the activity the world usually denominates as business. "Thus it is that our ideas of divinity form our models of humanity," Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, tells us on page 14 of "The People's Idea of God." The first requisite, then, is to learn to know God; the second, to reflect Him.

God is Mind. To express Mind is to manifest wisdom, intuition, judgment, resourcefulness, decision,—all qualities needed in successful business. God is omnipotence. To reflect God, then, is to manifest power, dominion, might. God is Love. All consideration, honest dealing, justice, are qualities of God, good. God is the infinite source of supply. To reflect God, then, is to realize and demonstrate sufficiency. What man would not be a success in business and have abundance for all human needs, who manifested clear judgment and wisdom in all financial matters, power and dominion over all conflicting circumstances, harmonious and kindly relations with his fellow-men? Through the teachings of Christian Science, thousands are already measurably finding this success.

The Post of Duty
January 6, 1923

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