Mrs. Eddy has emphatically declared the real purpose of...

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Mrs. Eddy has emphatically declared the real purpose of Christian Science to be the healing of sin, and all those desirable things mentioned by the critic are but in the nature of "signs" following the understanding of God and man and their relationship—that understanding which casts out evil and heals the sick. They are in the nature of fruits—fruits of conquered sin. As such, they are but divinely natural results of understanding and practicing the Science of goodness. This should dispose, too, of the argument put forth by the critics that Christian Science is a religion without exactions and demands. Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, has said in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 192): "We are Christian Scientists, only as we quit are reliance upon that which is false and grasp the true. We are not Christian Scientists until we leave all for Christ." This word "all" means, of course, everything in nature unlike God—in other words, all evil. Christian Science, far from ignoring evil, casts it out as unreal because God did not create it, nor does He know it. As long as one entertains a belief in evil, however, and indulges it, it seems real to him and he suffers because he serves a false god. Far from being a religion of the "laissez-faire theory," Christian Science awakens its adherents to the demands of Christ and compels intelligent and effective activity in the struggle to overcome evil.

Christian Science may be called "egocentric" if God, the great I am, is seen and acknowledged as the "Ego," for man in Science is understood to exist only as a reflection of the one God, who is both center and circumference of the universe—the All-in-all. The truth of the matter is that Christian Science demands more faith in the divine Christ than do any of the so-called orthodox Christian churches. Christian Science teaches that through Christ one is saved not only from sin, but from sickness as well, and shows just how this is done. Moreover, it proves its faith by its works. Christian Science appeals to all classes. Christian Science has given to its adherents a greater sense of dominion over fear and timidity and over sins and faults of character, and has thus enabled them to better their financial and living conditions. They are still progressing, for their aim is nothing short of perfect dominion over sin, sickness, poverty, and all evil.

Letters from the Field
May 13, 1922

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