Letters from the Field

"Last Sunday, March 26, 1922, I returned refreshed, mentally and physically, from a four days' visit at the Christian Science Sanatorium, having taken advantage of the facilities offered there to the worker for quiet study and a complete change from daily routine.

"I am deeply grateful for the privilege of this experience, not only for the peaceful rest and study time, which alone would have meant much, but to a much greater extent for the opportunity to know from experience that there has been established, and that there is being maintained, here amid the turmoil of mortal existence, a human institution which is so consciously governed and controlled by divine Love that the qualities and attributes of Love are manifest in even the simplest service performed. Words are inadequate to describe the almost overwhelming sense of God's nearness, of peace, and of the sureness of His protecting power, which came to me the night of my arrival in this haven; and which still remains with me. Nor is it possible, adequately, to voice the enlarged sense of the scope and power of Christian Science to free mankind from its mortal beliefs, gained from the silent but eloquent lessons of the blessings and far-reaching results, evidenced throughout the place, and of the unselfed devotion and consecrated work which reveals an 'atmosphere of love divine.'

A Willing Obedience
May 13, 1922

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