Loyal Service

A study of the two words, "loyal" and "service" in connection with the way Mrs. Eddy uses them throws a wonderful light on the beauty of their meaning, and reveals their close connection with the very life of the student of Christian Science. First let us hear the demand to go up higher which comes to us as we read the words on page 183 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures": "Divine Mind rightly demands man's entire obedience, affection, and strength. No reservation is made for any lesser loyalty." Now, how can we be loyal to this demand unless we know how to render pure and faithful service to our Father-Mother God?

Following this thought comes another encouraging statement in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 12), "The present is ours; the future, big with events. Every man and woman should be to-day a law to himself, herself,—a law of loyalty to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount." Then the question arises, How are these demands on us to be fulfilled? We realize the reply as we read our Leader's beautiful words on page 189 of Miscellany, "The government of divine Love derives its omnipotence from the love it creates in the heart of man; for love is allegiant, and there is no loyalty apart from love." From even a slight study of the passages already quoted, the true meaning of service begins to dawn on our thought, the service that joyously, selflessly, and fearlessly yields all to God, content to wait on His Word, patiently and lovingly going forward, however slowly and sometimes seemingly painfully, firm in the desire to do the Father's will, steadfast and loyal in the understanding of Principle.

"The sustaining infinite"
September 4, 1920

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