I am indeed very grateful for what Christian Science...

I am indeed very grateful for what Christian Science has done for me. It has brought health and happiness to me through the study of that wonderful book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy. Not only am I grateful for the physical healing, but I am especially grateful for the spiritual uplift that I have gained through the reading of all the authorized literature. Before Christian Science came to my attention, I was helpless and hopeless. For a period of eighteen months I suffered severely from a complication of diseases, and so after I had tried materia medica, osteopathy, hygiene, and also a great water resort, I finally began to believe that I was helpless and hopeless. Then came Christian Science to my attention. While I was in a hopeless condition, a kind neighbor came in to see me and, as I was unable even to sit up and talk to her, she came to my bedside and presented me with a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and requested me to read it. I took the book from her gladly and opened it and began to read at the Preface, and after reading three chapters of this remarkable book I suddenly came to a realization that the pain which I seemed to experience before had entirely disappeared. How wonderful that was! I was overjoyed. I asked mother to hand me my clothes, telling her that I wished to dress and go outdoors. It was indeed surprising to her. She was so glad to hear those words.

After this wonderful experience, all my time was spent in reading Science and Health, and I was very thankful that I was able to read, even though I failed to understand those divine teachings. During the following months I read constantly, although I suffered severely from stomach trouble and other minor ailments. The testimonials contained in our periodicals impressed me so much that I consulted a practitioner, hoping that I would be healed instantaneously, as other have been. When the treatment was over I felt a great improvement. During the conversation the practitioner asked me if I had ever read the New Testament. I replied that I had not, and in fact never cared to. In relating my story to her, I told her that I was brought up in the Jewish faith. She replied that it would benefit me greatly to read the New Testament. Upon returning home that afternoon, I borrowed a Bible from my kind neighbor. While reading the narratives of our great Teacher, I began to marvel. Instantly I came to the conclusion that he was the Savior or the Messiah who my Jewish brethren still hope will appear. In reading the gospel of John, I came to one of the great Teacher's sayings, and there I stopped. This is what I read: "Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." This passage greatly appealed to me. The truth would make me free indeed. While I could not understand the meaning of that wonderful word, "truth," nevertheless I knew that through the constant study of Science and Health and the Bible it would be revealed to me. It has been two years since I took up the study of Christian Science. During this time I have, through my own understanding, been healed of a number of diseases. My heart is filled with gratitude and joy, for I have found the pearl of great price, the wonderful, beautiful truth that Jesus taught and demonstrated nineteen hundred years ago, which is made practical to-day through the study of Christian Science. Words are inadequate to express my gratitude and appreciation for the many blessings that have come to me through its study and application.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express gratitude for the blessings I have...
September 4, 1920

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