In a recent issue under the caption of "Healing League,"...

Zion's Watchman, Baker, Ind.

In a recent issue under the caption of "Healing League," statements are made relative to Christian Science, which give an erroneous impression of what it teaches, and how the healing of the sick is accomplished through Christian Science treatments.

Evidently your contributor knows little if anything about the subject, and it is difficult to understand why he or any other Christian should criticize and condemn that which is sacred to another Christian, and desire to make misleading statements pertaining to that man's beliefs. If the churches included in the league he refers to are desirous of healing the sick, it is certainly their right unequivocally bestowed by Christ Jesus, and it is not necessary for them or any one in sympathy with their work to condemn another organization which is conscientiously striving to do its duty in following the Master's command after the manner in which he taught. Christian Scientists will rejoice if all churches will succeed in proving the power of God in healing the sick as well as in saving the sinner, for that will be one more step toward bringing to mankind the realization of the ever presence of God and His kingdom. It is an incontrovertible fact, however, that the healing and saving power of the Christ, Truth, cannot be demonstrated by criticism, condemnation, and misrepresentation, but only by that wonderful love and compassion that was so marvelously shown in the life and works of Christ Jesus.

September 4, 1920

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