Many times I have searched our periodicals for testimonies...

Many times I have searched our periodicals for testimonies covering healings of disease similar to the one I was laboring under. I found so many helpful ones that I am now thankful to add my own. Six years ago, wrapped up in my household duties and my husband's business, I was suddenly stricken with what the many doctors and specialists whom we called pronounced hopeless leakage of the heart. From that hour forward I was unable to leave my bed. It was a terrible catastrophe to my little family, for they stood helpless. Although I had been a member of a denominational church for eight years I had found it lacking and my children were being raised without adequate religious training. My husband had always been a social drinker, and now, discouraged and dismayed, he began to indulge heavily. Our two children, then about four and seven years old respectively, grew sickly and ill cared for. These conditions continued for four years. I had heard of Christian Science during my working years, but like many misinformed ones classed it with psychic phenomena, of which I had been a student since I had finished high school. But when it seemed that mortal mind had more than done its worst, a dear friend of my mother's—a practitioner from another town—called on me. Before her in that hour it was proved that muscles have no power to lose, for though to sense I was worn and frail and my muscles years ago had wasted and gone, I arose and walked, not only across the room but around and around the house, and because it seemed too good to be true I refused to lie down but continued walking through the rooms and over the yard, that I had not seen for so long a period. Finally my mother remembered seeing some old Sentinels that a cousin had left, and hurried to get them. On her return I followed her into the house and sat and read through the night. It was as though I were starved for the truth.

To those who are striving to meet the disease called leakage of the heart, with its many attendant discords, and who may feel that they are making no progress, or perhaps losing that already gained, let me state that there were times during which it seemed the old claim must certainly again conquer, but through diligent study of all the authorized literature my understanding grew clearer until I knew that God's child, made in His image and likeness, was complete and perfect. It has been over two years since the completion of my demonstration; I am perfectly well, weighing more than I ever did, and am doing all the housework in our five-room cottage, including all our sewing and the laundry for the entire family. At the time of my healing, my husband, who was in Europe, was healed of all desire for liquor, another proof that divine Love knows neither time nor space.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science...
September 4, 1920

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