"The dearest idol"

Who among us, before we began making the study of Christian Science our guide to right thinking and living, would have pleaded guilty to the continual breaking of the First Commandment? Most of us, perhaps, may have had to guard against the temptation to break some of the other nine,—the keeping not altogether holy the Sabbath day, the occasional dishonoring of our parents, the falsehood in act if not in word, envying our neighbor's possessions, or bearing false witness against him; but as to having other gods,—the First Commandment was written and intended, we believed, only for the heathen!

The writer had not taken many steps along the pathway of Truth, before she realized, to her amazement, that she was daily worshiping false gods, and was reminded of this verse of an old hymn,

Praying to Principle
September 4, 1920

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