On account of the illness of one of the family I became...

On account of the illness of one of the family I became interested in Christian Science. I knew nothing at all about it, but had seen a friend who had been healed. The simplicity of the church services appealed to me, although I could not believe a text on the wall of the church I attended, which was "God is Love." When I spoke to a practitioner about it she said, "Some day you will prove it." A short time afterwards, while lifting a pan of scalding water off the stove, I upset the contents, scalding my limbs from my waist to my knees. Though very young in Science I never thought of a material remedy. I tried to remember a telephone number to ask for help, while taking off my sodden garments, when the words "God is Love" seemed to stand out before me. Taking no notice I still tried to remember the number, when again the words came clearly, "God is Love." I stood for a moment, then turning to the table picked up Science and Health and read; where and what I read I do not remember, but in a short time all pain ceased and I acknowledged with deep gratitude that indeed "God is Love."

There was no mark or soreness left; the healing was perfect. If we could only remember that all our aches and pains, troubles and disappointments, are self-sown tares we would be saved much suffering. I am very grateful to Mrs. Eddy for the love she has shown to humanity.

Testimony of Healing
I became interested in Christian Science about seven...
September 4, 1920

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