I wish to express gratitude for the blessings I have...

I wish to express gratitude for the blessings I have received since taking up the study of Christian Science. Previous to coming into Science I had spent many years in sickness and pain, having undergone three very serious operations. I had always been a sufferer from severe nervous sick headaches, sometimes being laid up three or four days, but after taking up the study of Christian Science I was freed from this bondage, although the healing was not realized for some time. It has been years since I have suffered from a headache.

The healing that I desired when taking up Christian Science was very slow in coming,—in fact, several years passed before it was accomplished, and oftentimes I would become discouraged, but the thought that God was no respecter of persons, and that all things were possible to Him, would always give me new courage, and I am happy to say that the healing is now perfect and absolute, and has been for some two years. If we are only faithful and patient, adhering at all times to the truth, we are always rewarded. I trust this will be of some help to those whose healing has been slow, as the giving of a testimony where the healing had been slow always helped me to work the harder to overcome the difficulties that seemed to stand in the way. During the years I have been studying this truth I have been healed of many discordant conditions. Financial needs have also been met when I realized fully that God is the source of my supply.

September 4, 1920

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