The study of Christian Science at once emphasizes...

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The study of Christian Science at once emphasizes the fact that Mind and its idea is in reality all there is, that this idea is nothing less than the exact and perfect expression of the infinite, reflected in illimitable variety of harmonious experience. This true image of God is forever untouched by the seeming suggestions of false belief. By insistently replacing erroneous belief with the declaration and understanding that man is the complete expression of consciousness, of the one Mind, the discordant lie will give place to the acknowledgment of man as the altogether harmonious representation of Principle. Intelligence expressed is the hereditary right of man. To manifest this intelligence expressed in every detail of living requires constant watchfulness and persistent effort, and necessitates the continual recognition of Principle as the source of all activity.

In the art of etching, one of the most exacting of all the arts, owing to the care and accuracy the etcher must use to insure a perfect impression, the analyst finds that the process is not unlike the effect on his life of a man's thinking. Beginning with a smooth copper plate, the artist etches thereon his interpretation of life, which results, in conformity to his standards, in a cold, unlovely print or in a faultless and beautiful representation. Take for example Rembrandt's famous etching, "The Three Trees" and the copy by Captain Baillie; both men started with the same copper plates, the same tools, but Rembrandt's genius originated one of the greatest of all landscapes, exquisite in tenderness, perfect in composition. The magnificent impressions are the exact reproduction of the etched lines. So it is with the experiences of a man's life; they are the true expression of his thinking. Of the light or shadow, the happiness or sorrow, each one is the master, delineating exactly the result of his own lines of thought. Any one, by conforming his reasoning to the ideal of Christian Science, can manifest perfection. In reality another can never control one's thinking; if such a condition seems present, one is not thinking, he is but accepting a belief of thinking, which in turn will make of his life a barren counterfeit. Even after a faulty and inartistic print, painstaking effort will eradicate false lines from the copper plate and replace them with true and perfect lines, so that the impressions of different "states" are as dissimilar as differing states of consciousness that manifest in experience aspects totally diverse.

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