With a grateful heart I wish to give thanks for the...

With a grateful heart I wish to give thanks for the teachings of Christian Science and for God's great and omnipresent love. First, I desire to express gratitude for the wonderful spiritual awakening which I received through this teaching. Since I know that God's love surrounds me I do not worry any more. All our needs are met as soon as we become conscious of the fact that divine Love is the source of supply and that we cannot lack anything. On this point I could relate daily experiences and state how we were healed in many instances during the war, as well as how we are being helped now. I am also able to tell of healings of several sicknesses in the family, among which is the healing of my daughter of a severe nervous trouble, resulting in insanity. To the great astonishment of the physician, who considered the case very serious, she was completely restored in ten days. My son was also healed in a short time of severe grippe accompanied by fever and delirium. Our small child was freed of heavy fever and vomiting. Over a year ago I was healed of articular rheumatism in a severe form.

I also wish to mention a wonderful healing of the results of an accident which took place some time ago. While coasting on a sled, we ran into an automobile at full speed. Before commencing the ride I sent my small daughter from our sled to another, quite contrary to my usual custom of constantly keeping her with me, and through this she avoided the accident. I myself knew nothing of the whole affair. I was told afterwards that I was thrown about six yards and, according to the statement made by the physicians at the hospital to which I was taken in an unconscious state, suffered a broken thigh fracture of the skull, and concussion of the brain. The accident occurred on a Saturday night, and as soon as my husband received word of it Christian Science treatment was asked for, which was immediately given. On Tuesday I had regained full consciousness, and to the astonishment of the physicians the second X-ray picture showed no trace of the fracture of the skull, but they refused permission for me to leave the hospital, although I was not receiving medical aid. During my stay there I never had reason to complain of pain, the physicians repeatedly expressing amazement over this fact. Although the doctors had told my husband that my leg would probably remain shortened, it was found on my departure that it was exactly the same length as the other. During these weeks I received love from all sides. For these proofs of the healing efficacy of Christian Science I express whole-hearted thanks to God.

Testimony of Healing
It is a great pleasure to give the following testimony of...
August 7, 1920

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