One Standard

THE student of Christian Science early learns that thought is turning in new directions, is seeking new channels for expression. Old standards are found to be tottering. Possibly existence seems at times to express itself in one great interrogation point; one may frequently find one's self asking, Why? For each individual there is the answer, which comes not from without but from within. Since this answer must come from within, none can advise or prophesy for another; but each can help his brother in the way that wisdom teaches. As there is always some one to help, there is always the opportunity to point to the Mind of Christ as our unalterable standard.

The human mind, in its ignorance, sets up itself as a standard. To be sure, it is often ethical in its requirements and frequently soars to heights which it thinks approaches the spiritual, but never attains thereto; for Spirit is not a state to be reached,—it is always at hand. When conforming to mortal mind, we find there are as many standards as there are persons, each differing from the other according to the mental status of the person. There are often attempts at honesty, but these, because of mistaken standards, may be untrue. For example: A man may believe he is judging righteous judgment when he commiserates instead of criticizing another. Neither course is right. Obviously criticism, when used as it is ordinarily, in a destructive sense, is cruel even from certain human standpoints, while commiseration argues thus: He shall not suffer criticism from me; I have only pity for him, since I might do no better, nor as well, under like conditions. This line of thought sets up a false standard. The one pitied, in his individuality—which is his real self—is as free as is God, his Father-Mother, and the knowing of this intelligently helps to heal him and ourselves from the belief that there is a cause for pity. True pity is akin to love; for compassion destroys evil in all its forms.

August 7, 1920

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