If the clergyman, whose attack on Christian Science is...

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If the clergyman, whose attack on Christian Science is reported in a recent issue, intended to show his lack of knowledge regarding the subject, he could hardly have taken a more effective method. It is rather surprising that before committing the folly of giving his reasons for the attack, he did not realize that if one-tenth of them were true, there would be no Christian Scientists, and certainly not eighteen hundred churches and societies of growing congregations scattered throughout the world. If the statements made by him against Christian Science, or what he supposed it to be, were counted, the number would be found to correspond very closely to the sum total of misrepresentations contained in his sermon. Christian Scientists can feel grateful that this fact is so apparent to all well informed people, including clergymen who to-day are preaching the truths of Christian Science to their congregations, and who would unhesitatingly contradict all the critic's assertions regarding Christian Science as a false revelation.

The simple fact is that Mrs. Eddy, who was a devout Christian and Bible student from her childhood, discovered that the truth which Christ Jesus taught and practiced is a demonstrable, spiritual science; that it is based upon unchangeable spiritual law, and therefore available in all ages to all problems of humanity, including the healing of sickness and disease. She therefore aptly called the truth Jesus taught "Christian Science," and there is nothing from the beginning to the end of Christian Science, as contained in Mrs. Eddy's writings, which is not based upon, and logically drawn from, Christ's law of truth.

Is This the Truth
July 31, 1920

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