In what regard does government by Christian Science differ from the human sense of government? The human sense of government was described by Abraham Lincoln as "by the people, of the people, and for the people." The human sense of democracy is a government in which the people by their freed expression elect their governors. These governors are supposed to hold an honorable and exalted position by virtue of being the people's choice, and in many cases are apt to exert a powerful influence over the people and their affairs. Often, out of this system grows a belief that "to the victors belong the spoils," and much so-called influence and political spoil is manifested, to the detriment of the people's interest.

Christian Science while upholding honest and representative government, guides its student to a more spiritual conception and idea. Christian Science teaches that man is governed by divine Principle, God, and that he is only rightly governed when governed by divine Principle. It is impossible for man to be governed and controlled by both God and man in Science. The greatest evil in human government is the temptation to control. Control indicates power, earthly power and domination, and is the source of most of the world's troubles, including war. In Christian Science a man is not a ruler, does not control, does not trespass on the rights of others, does not force matters to a conclusion, does not seek to dominate or govern, because this is impossible where God, divine Principle, is the only power.

Nothing Too Good To Be True
July 31, 1920

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