I should like to express my gratitude for Christian Science

I should like to express my gratitude for Christian Science. It first appealed to me about fifteen years ago because of its logic, and about six months after I first began to study it I was able to prove that its teachings are true and practical. For about ten years previous to my hearing of Christian Science I had suffered with indigestion of a severe character, and had during this time obtained only temporary relief from medicines and doctors. After the teachings of Christian Science became slightly clear, it occurred to me to prove their truth by applying them to this trouble, and a week of faithful application, during which the claim of fear had to be met and overcome, I was completely healed, and have been so ever since.

During the years that have followed it has been my only help for troubles of all sorts, and I do not think I shall ever forget what a solid rock of support it was during the troubles first days of the late war. Amongst the many experiences during this time, one stands out in my thought at the moment, which occurred some seven or eight years ago. I had promised to sing at a concert at which many of the audience knew I was a student of Christian Science, but two days before the event I completely lost my voice and was unable to utter a resonant sound. I worked mentally to the best of my ability during the intervening two days and suffered n inconvenience except that the use of the voice was not regained. About an hour before the concert was due to start I went aside and tried to sing to see if there were any improvement, but found that it was still impossible to make any sound except an inarticulate grunt.

Testimony of Healing
When I realize how different my life and my entire outlook...
July 31, 1920

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