Testimonies published in the Sentinel and the Journal...

Testimonies published in the Sentinel and the Journal telling of the results gained through the study of Christian Science are always most helpful to me; therefore, with the desire of helping others, I send this expression of gratitude. The belief that God bestowed a certain amount of power on a so-called devil so that he might torment mankind, has been replaced by the understanding that there is but one God, entirely and absolutely good. As I have come to realize this, hay fever, rheumatism, and a continual cough have left me, and a strained heart has resumed its normal action. The second thing which I have learned is that this absolutely good God has a divine, harmonious plan by which man and the universe are governed, and in which man always occupies his right place. This I know to be so because I no longer have to drive myself by will power to overcome timidity, self-depreciation, and fear of the future.

For these and all the other changes which Christian Science has made in me, and for the prospect which it opens up of attaining ultimate perfection, I am indeed grateful. I also wish to express my appreciation of our church government, which has made it possible for those of us in foreign service, as well as those at home, to have the help of practitioners and the authorized literature, and in some places the comfort of reading rooms. Finally I wish to tell of my gratitude to Mrs. Eddy, who made all this possible by explaining the Bible for us in its spiritual import.

Testimony of Healing
Through the loss of the companionship of a loved one I...
July 19, 1919

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