No Opposition to Truth

On looking back over the early years of the study of Christian Science, one is struck with the change in the mental attitude toward many of the snares and pitfalls encountered by the beginner. An outstanding instance in the experience of one student was that of opposition to Christian Science. The conclusion had been foolishly accepted that because she had so gladly welcomed this beautiful teaching it would also be welcomed by her kith and kin, and it was rather a shock of surprise to find that the exact opposite was the case. These were difficult times to live through, for she was not only mentally upset by the show of antagonism but also physically the worse for it. Discouragement tried to set in, self-pity knocked at the door, resentment ofttimes found lodgment, and the joy and peace that had possessed her on the first reception of Christian Science was overshadowed. Divine Love was at hand, however, to comfort and give fresh courage and enable her to press onward. The student can recall many such experiences, and knows that had more love been shown on her part much of the discord would have been avoided.

The key to the situation really lies in knowing more of Truth. It proved so in this student's case. She had been told by a practitioner, when speaking to him of the hostility of her own people to Christian Science, that she must come to see that in reality there was no such thing. This was, however, too advanced an idea for her to grasp at the time, and in fact she felt rather hopeless of ever grasping it. Opposing thought seemed to her a very stern reality indeed; but gradually, very gradually, the truth of the practitioner's words dawned on her understanding. It came with the growing realization of the allness of God, divine Mind, the one and only intelligence. It became clear that since divine Mind is omnipresent and is the source of all true thinking, there cannot be any antagonistic thought. One could then see that such so-called thoughts were only a phase of the belief in evil, in the existence of other than the one Mind. On page 330 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy says: "Mind is not both good and bad, for God is Mind;" and farther down on the same page she says, "Evil is nothing, no thing, mind, nor power."

Mount of Gilead
July 19, 1919

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