Permit me to make some observations on the report in...

Blackburn (England) Telegraph

Permit me to make some observations on the report in the Telegraph of a sermon about Christian Science, as it incorrectly represents the subject. It was stated that Mrs. Eddy had no claim to the use of the word science, as her teachings had no relation to the qualities of science, which was defined as systematic knowledge or ascertained truth. Now, Christian Science is the Science of God and of divine Truth, and as the term "knowledge of God" in the New Testament frequently has the import of exact and scientific knowledge of God, Mrs. Eddy's claim is not inappropriate. Further, if science is "ascertained truth," then the term Christian Science is particularly fitting, as it reveals the methods by which the knowledge of God and of truth can be demonstrated in individual life and experience. The question as to whether Christian Science heals and as to whether its healings have a parallel in other systems, is not so much a matter of argument as of investigation. The wonderful growth of the Christian Science movement all over the world, and the fact that a large number of the American states recognize it as a healing church, point to the true answer.

The statement was made that Christian Science is not Christian, on the ground that it was not in harmony with the teaching of the New Testament. But in the New Testament we find that certain works are regarded as proofs of authority and of the true faith. Christian Scientists are engaged in healing the sick, dispelling fear and anxiety, giving peace and joy, and delivering men from vice and sin; yet we are told they are not Christian!

Christ, our Life
July 19, 1919

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