Signs of the Times

[Literary Guide, London, England]

Mr. Bottomley's forecast of the religion of the future may not be far wrong, and we have pleasure in reproducing it:—It is, indeed, common ground to-day among large sections of the population, even with many who continue to use the ancient forms of worship, that most of the dogmas we were once taught as "necessary for salvation" are mere guesses at truth, efforts of the finite mind of man to grasp and express the infinite. All that we have a right to expect, all that any church has a right to demand, is that a man shall be honestly devoted to the ascertainment of truth in every department of human experience, that he shall venerate justice and take chivalry for his guide, that he shall obey the rule of conscience and accept the sanctions of the moral law, and that in every situation of life his conduct shall be animated by love for and sympathy with his fellow man. That will be the new religion.

July 19, 1919

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