In writing this testimony of my healing in Christian Science,...

In writing this testimony of my healing in Christian Science, I speak from the standpoint of one who has tried everything that a material, sensuous mortal belief of life has to offer. I lived as does the average young man who seeks by material means to gain happiness. I thought I was enjoying life "to the limit" and might have been still thinking so if I had not heard of Christian Science. From the moment I heard of this religion, six years ago, it has been in my thought, and I have never been able to drown out that still, small voice of Truth, though on several occasions I tried hard to do so.

I first read Science and Health during a time when I had no physical disorder, and I got very little out of the book; however, the seed was sown and later took root. I was taken with a disease which filled me with fear, and while my thought turned often to Science. I relied upon material means for healing. I was, however, at the same time reading Science and Health and began to see that sickness is the result of wrong thinking, and I promised myself that if I ever pulled through my trouble I would take up Christian Science and live in obedience to its teachings, and I did so. I noticed an improvement in thinking immediately. I stopped swearing and began to draw away from many of the things which had been enjoyed before; in fact, a general house cleaning took place in my consciousness and I enjoyed many blessings as a result.

Testimony of Healing
It is about five years and a half since I first heard of...
July 19, 1919

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