God Is Truth

On the ceiling of a chapel he decorated, Michelangelo has represented God the Father as a majestic man, dignified and beneficent beyond words, and to Christian Scientists one of the most suggestive features of his famous work is this, that in it he illustrates the immensely significant fact that in the innumerable chapels of individual consciousness the divine character is outlined very much after such a superhuman model who is yet subject to limitations which are utterly opposed to the universally accepted dogma that God is infinite, the All-in-all.

It would seem that no one who attributes the world order to an individual source, called God, could fail to appreciate the importance of the emphasis which Christian Science lays upon the necessity of gaining a right concept of the nature of this all-creative, all-governing Being. Mrs. Eddy's words, "The true idea of God gives the true understanding of Life and Love, robs the grave of victory, takes away all sin and the delusion that there are other minds, and destroys mortality" (Science and Health, p. 323), make it clear that she regarded right thought of God as the summum bonum. Surely nothing can be more fundamental, more vital, or more imperative, and it is probable that no other teaching of Christian Science is more profoundly and more helpfully influencing general religious thought than is this to-day.

The Armor of Righteousness
March 30, 1918

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