[Written for the Sentinel]

Enduring Work

"Blessed is he," the world's wise Master taught,"Whoe'er shall not offended be in me."He who reveres what other hands have wrought,Is truly born of God. Unfettered, free,Is one who is offended not! Earth's wayGrows brighter for this pilgrim till Truth's dayOf wakefulness is gained. Yea, richly blestIs his reward in active work. The bestOf God's good gifts are his who knows no scorn,Nor casts a stone at good which hath been bornThrough others' consecration.

"Blessed is he whoe'er shall not offended be in me."Such was our Master's teaching. E'en this hourThese words reveal the wondrous peace and powerOf loving one another, here and now;By following this precept even thouAnd I may still be blest. Through Christ's dear name,Revering each man's daily work the sameAs ours, we are offended not; and findThe truth which opens eyes that once were blind,And causes all the deaf to hear. God's waysAre higher than our ways. To Him be praiseFor all the good another one may give,Without offense, that each man's work may live.

January 12, 1918

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