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McKeesport (Pa.) News

The value of newspapers and magazines in spreading religious beliefs is a fact that is thoroughly recognized by the Christian Science church, and in practically every public library you will find copies of the official publications of this church. This is true at the local Carnegie Library, for Christian Science publications are to be found there in two languages. But you will search in vain for official publications of other churches. Now and then a stray religious paper will be found on the tables, but the Christian Science papers are always on hand. The followers of Mrs. Eddy show their faith in printer's ink, and use magazines and newspapers to spread their beliefs. This may account for the fact that the Christian Scientists are often of the educated classes, who perhaps have come in contact with Mrs. Eddy's teachings at the public library.

In passing it might be remarked that the Christian Science church publishes one of the best dailies of the country, namely, The Christian Science Monitor. Ask any newspaper man to name the five leading papers of the country and he will be sure to include the Monitor. It is not devoted to religious propaganda; there is one article in each issue—and only one—dealing with the Christian Science faith. The other columns are filled with news matter, well written and edited. The Monitor prints much news that the other papers do not have space for; and when there is any uplift movement going on, no matter what the denomination, plenty of space is given to the cause. Where other papers print excerpts of speeches, the Monitor prints them complete. Scandals, murders, divorce,—all such stuff is conspicuous by its absence. There is one complete page of editorials, dealing with present-day topics in a scholarly, thoughtful, and practical way. The newspaper has been called the poor man's college; if this be true, The Christian Science Monitor is the university, where a postgraduate course can be pursued. The Christian Science ideal of looking on the bright side is lived up to in the columns of the Monitor.

September 1, 1917

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