Christian Science and the Business World

When we recall the words of Jesus, "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" the question arises, What is my Father's business? To this it may be answered that any legitimate undertaking is God's business, and should be looked upon as such. Any man who undertakes a business which is not legitimate, though he may win what the world calls success, is sure of ultimate failure, for Mrs. Eddy tells us that "success in error is defeat in Truth" (Science and Health, p. 239); but the man who associates himself with God in his business, and consults the divine Principle in every move that is made, is victorious in Truth. His success is assured before the business starts, for all that really exists belongs to God, and to acknowledge this great fact is to place one's business upon a firm foundation, so that failure is impossible.

When Christian Science came into the writer's life he was superintendent of a large business where many people, both men and women, were employed, all of whom were of the human type generally associated with the name of factory. There was constant strife and turmoil among them, caused by petty jealousies and quarrels, and error frequently seemed to have full control. The president of the concern was making trouble on one side, while the employees were following the same course on the other.

"He that keepeth Israel"
April 7, 1917

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