"Seek ye first"

It would seem impossible that a student of Christian Science could read and reread Mrs. Eddy's admonitions and inspired instructions in regard to the source of supply, and still go blindly on seeking to find daily provision through material means or human personalities. Yet so obstinate is mortal mind in letting go its grip on matter, that many trials may have to be borne before its hold is loosened and the real provider of all needs is seen to be God only.

Nothing could be more beautifully clear on this subject than our Leader's words in reference to the "fundamental error of faith in things material" (Retrospection and Introspection, p. 31), where she also says, "For this trust is the unseen sin, the unknown foe,—the heart's untamed desire which breaketh the divine commandments." Still with tenacious persistency the human mind tends to cling with its baneful grip to just this one thing,—faith in matter, belief that some person or some material circumstance must be depended upon, if relief is to be had from the strained condition which the human mind's own fear has brought about. Again and again the folly of this course may have been proven, and the needed help may have come from a few moments of uplifted thought, yet the lesson must needs be learned over, at least in some cases. One instance in particular the writer will venture to relate, in the hope that it may be of help to others who are finding trouble with their financial problems.

Mental Preparation
January 13, 1917

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